Wanting My Life Back

I cannot say that I am an extrovert. Not by any stretch of the imagination. But at the same time, I am not protective of my privacy at all costs. So I kind of walk the line of being an introvert, but people can find things out about me if they want to.

It has been difficult being a teacher. I have had to gauge everything.

I have been off Facebook, because the principal monitors Facebook, and it is too easy to get to one’s pages if things aren’t set properly…and when Facebook changes security (without warning) security settings rarely default to the tightest.

I have been very cautious about connecting with my former co-workers on LinkedIn, because I know that that is also watched.

Everything I have done at church and with our summer institute has had to be scrubbed so that no appearance of my last name appears, so that I am not associated publicly with causes I truly support.

All this with the goal of getting my five year license. Play it cool. Keep my head down. Keep my mouth shut. So there is no reason to deny me the license.

It has been exhausting, trying to make sure nothing that could cause offense to anyone appears.

I find that I resent this. I don’t want to be so hidden. I don’t want to watch everything about me.

I want my life back.


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