No Electricity or Water?

Photo by vastateparksstaffI guess it shows how far I have come from true camping.

We are planning a camping trip this summer, and one of the places we will be staying has no running water or electricity.

I find myself wondering how I will survive. No Kinde? No phone? No lights? How will I cook? And what about the coffee pot and toaster? (Those are necessary to me to survive in the woods.)

Friends will be camping with us, and luckily, she remembers all the tricks of camping without modern facilities. Otherwise we would be reduced to eating spaghettios out of a can cold and stumbling around half awake.

Photo by vastateparksstaff


One thought on “No Electricity or Water?

  1. Cold Spaghettios out of a can and stumbling around half-awake?? Really now, your college days aren’t THAT long ago… Just kidding, you’ll survive, besides, if you are at a campground, you should have at least a convenience store within a 15 minute drive…

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