When Things Grow Exponentially

Photo by paul bicaIt started out as a simply trip, with a simple request: let’s head for Wisconsin, but I don’t want to go through Chicago.

Easy enough, right? From where we live in Virginia, there is a whole half-country of roads and byways that don’t require rounding that corner in Chicago to head to the Frozen Tundra.

The next thing I know, this has blossomed to going to Wisconsin via Niagara Falls, NY and then over the Great Lakes. If you are at all familiar with a map, you will understand this is by no means a direct route. Traveling to another country to avoid Chicago seems extreme.

Still, I am happy for the addon. I have never seen the falls, and with them due to be turned off in the next couple of years, it will be a good chance to do so. And I like Canada. It’s pretty, the people are by and large friendly and nice, and they still sort of speak the language.

And it will put us in the Upper Peninsula, which I am eager to share with my daughter and husband…as one of the last of the family, it is important to me that my daughter know her heritage. And it never hurts to stop in at the cemetery, after all.

So while my Tim Taylor husband took this in the big direction, I am looking forward to the trip. Just have to finalize the dates and the reservations and then let everyone know when we are going to be there!

Photo by paul bica


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