Up And Down And Being Sick

Photo by jmegjmegOne of the greatest assets of living in coastal Virginia is the climate. The winters are generally mild, and the summers are no worse than where I grew up.

One of the greatest detractions to the area is the weather. There is a saying I heard not long after I got here, “If you don’t like the weather, wait 10 minutes.” And it is true. The weather changes frequently and swings between warm and cold by the day.

Last week we had snow and ice. This week it is in the 60s. It rains, it snows, it shines, it blows. Every day.

Not surprisingly, people get sick.

I won’t blame what swept through the house last week on just temperature changes…it was a full-blown flu-like bug. All three of us within three days. E. got it first and was able to go back to school on Tuesday, but at that point I had succumbed and came home from school in the middle of the day. She came home to a dark house and two parents feverish and unable to get out of bed. Thankfully she is old enough to be able to scrounge her own dinner, and took responsibility to get herself to the bus stop the next morning.

So that is the story of Virginia in the “winter”. Up and down and being sick.

Photo by jmegjmeg


One thought on “Up And Down And Being Sick

  1. Same thing around here. Went from deep-freeze (sub-zero temps) to a mid-winter thaw (upper 30’s – low 40’s), and now headed back to the deep-freeze. And, people I work with (and live with) are definitely sniffling, coughing more… Hope you guys are feeling better, and don’t forget to take in lots of immune boosting foods and supplements… Especially with both you and E around kids and their germs all day…

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