Semester Start

Photo by -Ebelien-Things have been in upheaval here in the past few weeks. The first semester ended, and the second began. Along with the new semester, I moved from teaching the classes I had been teaching to teaching two classes of juniors and seniors and then also a class of freshmen who did not pass Algebra 1 last semester.

I enjoy my new classes. There is no pressure of a state test at the end of either one. The upperclassmen are much more mature and easier to deal with than the freshmen.

But the schedules have been a nightmare. Kids who should be in the repeat class were in the continuing class. Kids who failed Algebra showed up in my junior/senior class. And then the administrators started the debate: do I teach them every day? Every other day?

End result: six schedule changes in the first four days of class.

It’s hard to plan from day to day when you don’t know what you are supposed to be teaching. Or who you are supposed to teach.

But things have calmed down, and it will be a better semester.

Photo by -Ebelien-


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