The End of the Semester

Photo by hans.gerwitzIt’s been a tough couple of weeks. The end of the semester is rapidly approaching, and I teach a semester course. That means that for the first time, some of my students will be faced with the possibility of not going on.

Failure now has a penalty, and that penalty is having to repeat a semester class.

Some of these students are showing are showing a shocking lack of grasping the basics of math. The student who has a 51 and would need a 98% on both the last unit test and the final in order to be able to have a D…and although the student has not scored above a 25% on any test or quiz yet, still thinks this is possible. Or the student who doesn’t understand that a 33 out of 100 is well below the 64 percent needed to get a D.

It scares me.

The worst part is those students who know they have no chance are now even more disruptive and talkative than they were before.

Making my job all the more difficult.

11 more days…

Photo by hans.gerwitz


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