Unrealistic Expectations

Photo by oddsockI had thought that when I was leaving consulting behind, I was leaving unrealistic expectations behind as well.

I now know that it has to do completely with the manager and not with the work itself.

I am being faced with unrealistic expectations right now. I can’t get kids to understand the material if they don’t show up for class. There is nothing I can do to make them show up for class, either. Well, there is nothing I am willing to do to make them show up for class. I am sure my administrators would love to see me calling parents every day and driving around to the houses.

I am being faced with ethical challenges right now. I have been told I need to do something I consider unethical, and I won’t do it.

I realize that this may cost me my license. The person telling me to do these things is the one who determines whether I get my permanent license, or if I don’t work in my city again.

But as I told my math specialist last week, if I am going to have to work in crazy, I will go back where at least I am compensated well for it.

So whether this career switch sticks or not remains to be seen.

Photo by oddsock


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