The Reunion

Photo by SkleyOver Thanksgiving, we went to my husband’s 30th class reunion. It was interesting to observe. I knew three people there – all three friends of my husband who had also attended our wedding.

I sat with the wife of my husband’s best man, who also didn’t know anyone, and we talked for three hours. It was such a great time to catch up and spend time with a woman I truly admire and enjoy!

I noticed some things, looking around the room.

There were reading glasses perched on many heads. Much gray, and occaisionally someone very determined not to be gray. For the most part, people were as they were…not trying to impress everyone. Yes, there were a couple of trophy wives present. Yes, there were people still trying to pretend they had it – leaving me to wonder if it really worked for them back in high school either. But for the most part, the people were in a different mind space.

A classmate of my husband’s posted on Facebook that at the 30th the talk was less about “what do you do?” and more about aging parents and the challenges of raising kids in today’s age. Of broken marriages and illnesses, of triumphs and anniversaries.

I don’t attend my own class reunions. First of all, it’s too far; second, I keep in touch with the people I want to keep in touch with. So it was an interesting time for me to observe.

Photo by Skley


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