Death of a Hard Drive

Photo by jon_a_ross

Death never comes at a good time, particularly when you’re dealing with hardware.

Our main external backup drive, which sits on my desk, stopped. Normally you can hear the slight whirring as the platters spin.

I restarted the computer, only to hear the drive spin up, “chunk” and spin down, repeatedly.

Not good, when it was the backup of our music library, photos and the local backup to our online system.

A good shake got the thing running again…

…and I ordered a new drive from Amazon.

(It amazes me that I can buy a Terrabyte hard drive, solid state, for less than what my first computer cost, and that had 8 Kilobyes of memory and no hard drive)

So the new drive arrived, and I fired up the old one. Spin…clunk…spin…clunk…

I laid it flat and started transferring files. One folder at a time. Making sure the computer didn’t go to sleep in between transfers because then the old drive wouldn’t spin up again without a good shaking.

Six hours later, the files came over. I unplugged the old hard drive. I’m not sure I’m going to give it a burial…yet. I’m going to wait a bit to make sure we haven’t missed anything.

Photo by jon_a_ross


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