Detention, Suspension, Expulsion

Photo by goldbergI knew I would have to discipline my students. Even the brightest students, because they are still children, are going to do stupid things they didn’t think through.

I’ve had to write several detentions. Five for throwing things. Three for excessive talking during class. The students understand why they were there. They have been willing to do their punishment. I have explained to each of them that I do not expect to ever see them back in detention. I explain that doing detention with me means that it doesn’t go on their record, but if they choose not to show up, then they will be in front of an administrator. One boy chose that route, and now has school detention, sadly.

I had an incident with a young woman who wrote something inappropriate on a white board and passed it around. I was going to give her detention, but my department head overruled me. The young lady is serving in-school detention. But the worst punishment of that process for her was having to read what she wrote to her mother.

One of my students is sadly being expelled. He kept choosing not to come to my class. I didn’t ever have to discipline him…but something happened with another teacher and he is currently on out-of-school suspension, and they are working on expulsion.

It just reminds me that no matter how hard I try, I cannot keep these kids on the right path. Some lessons have to be learned the hard way, no matter how much I wish it weren’t so.

I can just keep trying to keep them moving in the right direction as much as possible. I can make sure they understand there are consequences to everything, either good or bad. That lesson will serve them better in life than any math I can teach them. But it is a lesson I can only teach as a byproduct of my classroom management.

Photo by goldberg


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