Camping in October

Photo by Anodoin

We didn’t do much camping this summer. Between my continuing to work long past when I thought I would, the early start to my new career, and my husband’s inability to get Fridays off, we just didn’t go. The summer passed by in a blur of missed camping.

We planned to go this fall…once in September, and once in October. It’s always more difficult after school starts, even before I was a teacher. The Girl Scout meetings on Friday nights limit our availability for a Friday start, and my daughter doesn’t get home from school before 4:30 in any case. Going the three hours to our favorite spots in the fall means setting up the camper in the dark.

We skipped the camping in September. The weekend we had decided to go was one of poor weather. Low fronts off the coast doused our home and camping spot with 5-8 inches of rain. If we were going to be stuck inside all weekend, we decided, it was better to do it in a house, rather than a 17 foot camper on top of each other.

But we managed to go the second weekend in October. The schedule opened up on Saturday, and we took off. While it wasn’t sunny, it was nice to be at the lake. We drove the camper up, and then after it was set up, my daughter and husband went to get the boat from storage and pilot it around to anchor off our campsite. We drove the camper home Sunday, and my husband, who luckily got Monday off, drove back up to spend the night in the truck, do a little fishing, and drive the boat home on Monday.

I like camping in the fall. Fires are welcome for their heat instead of obligatory for the camping experience. We can sleep without sweating, snuggling deep inside our sleeping bags for a deeper sleep than in the heat. The campground is less crowded, and the lake quieter.

I like being outside. After so many weeks of going to school before sunrise and coming home only to work more hours, it was good to put it aside for a couple of days. Life seems slower at the campsite, in part, I think because I choose to leave my work and watch at home, and I am not watching the clock for bedtime or wakeup time.

It is good to be outside regular life for a while.

Photo by Anodoin


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