Regaining Balance

Photo by hans sI knew that changing to teaching would be an adjustment.

I didn’t expect that it would be wholly consuming for an entire month.

I finally started to feel like I was surfacing two weeks ago, and looked around at all the stuff that had piled up in the meantime.

I can see how I could spend every waking moment doing the teaching thing. Researching activities, finding better ways to teach concepts, looking at how other teachers are teaching the same concepts. Then grading papers, tracking homework, and planning lessons.

And for the first few weeks it did consume me. Until I surfaced and realized I couldn’t go on this way.

So now I am striving to find balance. I am striving for good enough. Yes, there will always be more things I could do. But honestly, I don’t know that it will make the difference. Most of the things I am seeing is just to make it novel, so they will practice.

I am picking the brains of my fellow teachers, and that helps a lot. I am learning ways to do things that are better, faster, more effective.

So I am hoping to get some balance back soon.

Photo by hans s


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