When To Throw In The Towel

Photo by mason bryantThere is a lot to be said for persistence. But sometimes that persistence surpasses any good returns you are getting.

There is a time to throw in the towel.

A few months ago I was struggling with my “pro” blog. I had run through my editorial calendar buffer during my teacher training, and I couldn’t find it in me to get it back up.

Was the problem the blog? I have been blogging for 10 years on the various incarnations. Should I throw in the towel?

So I sat down and made a list. What was in my way from continuing? I came up with some good answers, and decided to close the door on the blog and start a new one, more in line with what I wanted to focus on.

Sometimes I have thrown in the towel. There are several cross stitch projects that went that way. Some writing projects. Some personal projects. Because it just wasn’t worth the effort anymore.

So we’ll see where this new blog goes. If it doesn’t work, that’s OK. I can always throw in the towel later.

Photo by mason bryant


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