Switching Careers is a Big Deal

Photo by alamosbasementI’ve been a consultant for most of my career. That means that I change jobs an average of 3 to 4 times a year. New workplace, new culture, new desk, new equipment, new phone system. Not a big deal. I’ve done it tons of times.

So I didn’t think that switching to teaching would be a big deal.

But here’s the thing I didn’t realize: even though I was switching jobs, I was still performing the same duties. Go in, fix the program, get out.

I am not only starting a new job with teaching. I am starting a new set of duties. Most of those duties are wreathed in acronyms. (I have discovered the education loves acronyms as much as the military)

But there is one thing I have that is going to be a big strength: as a consultant, I know how to ask questions to make the adjustment into the culture. And I will continue to do that. My department chair is probably going to think I am a PITA, but that is what I will have to do to get the information I need to succeed.

Photo by alamosbasement


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