Reusing The Nest

Photo by sedge23Our robin’s nest from earlier in the season was abandoned. We think the snake got the eggs or the baby birds. Momma Robin moved out, and the nest has been sitting empty at the top of the post for the pergola.

Last week I noticed the cat staring out the deck door, tail twitching. I looked for a bird on the railing and saw nothing. Then I saw a bit of movement.

Looking out the kitchen window, I saw a mourning dove in the robin’s nest. I thought maybe the bird had decided to rest there.

Nope. She laid eggs and has been sitting on them. I haven’t been able to catch her off the nest to see how many eggs are in there, but she is definitely nesting. (And giving everyone the stink eye if they approach the windows…but walking near the nest doesn’t bother her).

Can’t wait to see the baby birds!

Photo by sedge23


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