Getting Through Non-Fiction

Photo by miss_millionsFor a few years now I have wanted to read more non-fiction books.

Fiction books are no problem. I devour those rapidly. Non-fiction, though, is another story. I can count on two hands the number of non-fiction books I have read and applied or enjoyed over the years.
What I have discovered is that I needed two things to get me going: a daily reading habit, and better books.

I purged my reading list of all the books I thought I “should” read, and left those that truly captured my interest. I added some teaching and classroom management books in (my experience that books written by teachers are very accessible and interesting)

Then I instituted a daily reading habit. Every day, during my early morning routine, I read a few pages of the book of the moment. Then I follow with another book that is more spiritual. Two non-fiction books going at the same time.

Since I started this, I have read four non-fiction books. That’s less than two months.

I am very happy to have stumbled across this formula. I feel good about what I am reading, how I am reading and the progress I am making.

Photo by miss_millions


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