Dropping the Camper

Photo by Bill Ward's BrickpileWe were on our way to the Memorial Day camping trip with families from the church. We were loaded up, the bikes on the back, the trailer packed and behind us.

We were less than a mile away from home when there was a horrible sound. We had dropped the trailer.

After getting out of the car and pulling forward to release the trailer, which had slid under the car, forcing part of a bike through the top of the trailer. The trailer hitch had twisted.

Luckily, we were in walking distance of a car repair place. I walked up and arranged for them to tow it home. Camping was no longer an option.

We were both thinking that it was lucky it had happened when it did…had it happened on the highway there would have been more people involved in the accident.

My husband kept telling me that he hadn’t put the hitch on the trailer ball. That it had bounced off the hitch and that is what caused it.

But it wasn’t until that night that I realized that as I walked home, I had picked up the trailer hitch…the part that went into the car…50 feet behind where the trailer had come to rest. It wasn’t the drop on the ball. It was the hitch came off the car.

In the end, everything is OK. The local trailer repair place is welding a new front on and repairing the top. We will be able to camp soon. No one was hurt, and although we had to forgo a weekend of camping, we were grateful that we came out as well as we did.

Photo by Bill Ward’s Brickpile


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