Living With A Clueless Dog

Photo by memebingeLet’s just get one thing clear: I love my dog.

That doesn’t blind me to her faults.

No one will ever accuse my dog of being clever or smart or even reasonably bright. In fact, she is pretty much one-track-minded, and that track is food.

When the doorbell would ring, she would wait until the person was well into the house before barking. So much for being a watch dog.

She’s old now, and her hearing is gone. Which makes it funny when she barks at people, because there are times she doesn’t even realize that people are in the house.

But we didn’t bring her into her house for what she could do for us. We brought her here for what we could do for her. And even though she isn’t a watchdog, nor particularly smart, she is still a good snuggler, and very attached to us.

As we are to her.

Photo by memebinge


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