Being Without A Sink

Photo by R/DV/RSIt started suddenly. I went to wash out a cup, and the water wouldn’t drain. The disposal was clear, but as I ran it, nasty gunky water backed up in both sinks. It was Saturday night. What to do?

I plunged, swearing softly. No luck. So I plunged harder, and the pipes under the sink started to leak. It was time to call in someone else.

Paul replaced the pipes under the sink and tried to snake into the drain line. All clear. So we were left with sinks with standing water, a dishwasher full of dishes, and an excuse not to cook.

The plumber came on Tuesday. The house smelled of sewer gas for a while, but the open windows soon dispersed that. He had to get out the extra-long snake, but the clog was finally gone.

His question: when did you last get the drains cleaned?

They’ve never been cleaned. I didn’t know you needed to do it.

He left me with a tub of stuff I am to pour into the drains every month. Enzymes and stuff that eat away at the build up. Hopefully it will keep him from having to visit again.

Photo by R/DV/RS


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