Carpenter Bees

Photo by bobm in swampWe have several carpenter bees that buzz around the house. They are huge, non-aggressive, and good pollinators, so we let them be.

This year, though, they have taken up homes in the pillar that supports the gazebo. It’s just one hold per bee, but it is funny that they have made this set of three homes like an apartment. One on each level of the support.

I didn’t notice them until I was cleaning the deck and I saw the large amount of sawdust inside the trellis. I looked, and there were the three holes. (I also saw a tiny snake, but the bees were too big for the snake to eat) The bees come and go, happily pollinating things.

Although I do think I will invest in a carpenter bee home and hang it somewhere away from the deck…the holes, while small, are something I don’t want to see expand.

Photo by bobm in swamp


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