Ode To The Power Washer

Photo by jar (away)I bought a light-duty power washer a couple of years ago. My aim was to get the pollen off of the deck quickly. It has turned into so much more.

I clean the resin deck furniture and turn it back into its original beach colors. I get the mildew off the dining table chairs on the deck. I clean the rope swing and the rugs in the gazebo. I’ve washed the siding on the north side of the house. I’ve scoured the bricks of the front porch, as well as the walk ways. I’ve washed the top of the camper. And most surprisingly, I’ve cleaned our kitchen rug.

This is one tool that I use quite a bit in the spring, and it really makes my life pleasanter. While my neighbors are surprised that I own one, it is one tool I couldn’t be without.

Photo by jar (away)


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