New Rugs

Photo by LenDog64We decided it was time for new rugs. We replaced the one in the front entrance because the old one was worn and didn’t match the runner. I decided to replace the rugs in front of the other doors with bigger ones to capture more dirt.

Buying them was easy. Putting them down was easy.

But all three animals carried on like we had put live alligators on the floor.

The youngest cat came down the steps and spent some time on the bottom step, sniffing the rug, before cautiously putting one paw down on it. She ventured the second paw about two minutes later, and then the back paws a few minutes after that.

The dog sniffed, and walked around the perimeter, and sniffed some more. Then walked around the rug altogether to get to the door.

The older cat sat on the floor next to the rug and patted at it like she expected it to bite her.

I don’t think these rugs were made out of anything objectionable, other than a few dozen polyesteroos. Nothing threatening, that’s for sure.

Apparently the animals don’t like change of any sort.

Photo by LenDog64. Licensed under Creative Commons.


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