A New Unexpected Pleasure

Photo by stick_kimA colleague of mine, who I have known for well over a decade, loves superhero films. He would discuss them with other coworkers, and I would roll my eyes. I’ve always scoffed at these movies, biased by my college fraternity brothers who would wait in line overnight to buy a new comic book, or who would see a superhero movie and then debate its merits against the comic books.

But then, for some reason I can no longer recall, I was induced to watch Iron Man. Loved it. Then the Avengers. Loved it.

I am now watching the superhero movies via stream, and enjoying every minute of it. My favorite so far is Iron Man, because who doesn’t love a few gadgets? But also I have been impressed with the way Thor handled the Norse pantheon.

And thus my true inner geek comes out.

Photo by stick_kim


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