A Taste of Spring

Photo by 3dpeteWe have had Winter this year. I know it pales in comparison to what the north has been getting, but we here in coastal Virginia don’t have the gumption to deal with a snowfall, much less heavy equipment to clear the roads.

It’s been bitterly cold with the wind whipping off the ocean…it reminds me a lot of downtown Chicago in the winter, with the cold that slices right through you. And of course, having lived out here for almost 20 years, I am no longer used to it, and don’t have the clothing for it anymore.

So we had a break. It grew warm and lovely for one day. Then it got cold and snowed again.

Then it got warm, and dropped 30 degrees that night.

Somehow I think Mother Nature is playing chicken with us. Anyone know where I can address a complaint and get spring to stay?

Photo by 3dpete


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