Writing For Math Geeks

Photo by LaMenta3I’ve been doing the necessary ground work to get my teaching license. One of those things was to take (and pass!) a test on the subject I will be teaching. So I dutifully studied, cramming everything from pre-algebra number theory to post calculus differential equations into my brain (and yes, that also covered algebra, trig and geometry). The exam is 2.5 hours long and it is grueling.

For my state, though, I was required to take another test. This test would prove that I am literate in English.

OK, I get that. I would expect teachers to be literate. Although I think it would be better if teachers could be tested on oral communication as well. There is a math teacher at my daughter’s middle school who can barely speak English, and her accent is so thick that her students can’t understand her.

That aside, I prepared for this literacy test.

Here’s the kicker: the test is 4 hours long.

2.5 hours in a test for a subject I will be teaching, and 4 hours for English (a subject I will not be teaching).

Does anyone else see the paradox here?

I didn’t have to worry. Other than reviewing the format of the test, I didn’t study. I figured all these years of blogging and writing novels would hold me in good stead.

It did. I got a 94% on the multiple choice. (Still waiting for the grades on my sentence corrections, written summary and essay).

I wonder if they make the English teachers take a math exam? Probably not.

Photo by LaMenta3


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