Words of Wisdom

Photo by La MelodieSomeone ticked me off the other day by telling me that if it wasn’t in the Bible, then it wasn’t wisdom.

(Luckily he didn’t add “if it’s not in the Bible it’s not true” to the end of that statement, or I would have given him a demonstration in how gravity works, even though it’s not in the Bible.)

It seems to me that if you limit your understanding of wisdom to one source, you miss out on all of the wisdom around you every day.

There have been days when I have gotten exactly what I needed from a song playing on the radio.

Or run across a line in a book that rang the bell of truth deep inside. I’m not talking about deep or philosophical books here, either. I’ve gotten wisdom from Harry Potter, Calvin and Hobbes (the comic strip, not the philosophers), and romance novels.

There have even been times when someone has said something very profound in passing.

So who is to say that there is only one source of wisdom?

Photo by La Melodie


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