Looking For Similarities

Photo by mikbecoghAmericans value individualism. While this is good, it can make working together difficult. Working with a group of rampant individualists is rather like herding cats.

Part of my job means that I have to quickly integrate myself into client and team situations. When I go in, I am often already labeled as “the expert” (so far from the truth!), and that can set me apart. What I have to do is to find a way to integrate myself.

I find that whenever I want to feel a part of a group, I look for the similarities rather than the differences. When I see how I am the same, then it is easier to express that and to become a cohesive unit.

There is some comfort to be the same as. And I use it when I need to.

That being said, though, I will go back to being different whenever I can. It’s more fun. 🙂

Photo by mikbecogh


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