Prepping For Praxis

Photo by albertogp123I am planning on entering a program at the local university that will allow me to get my state teacher’s license in 3 months (based on work experience and my college degree). One of the things I have to do in order to enter the program is take the Praxis exam in my field of expertise.

Let me just say that although I have a degree in electrican engineering, and I have been programming professionally for urgle-some years, and although the university considers this “relevant work experience”, I have, in fact, done very little math in that time. Certainly not trigonometry, geometry or calculus. The closest I came to using math was when I recently had to explain to a colleague how to do a weighted average.

So I need to study. I bought a study book which will take me through the basics. I also took a practice exam so I would know where to focus my efforts. Turns out I need just about everything. (Seriously, they wanted me to calculate the volume of a pyramid!) Luckily, nothing on the practice exam was something I had never seen before. I just didn’t know what to do about the problem.

So I am studying, and I will be taking the exam soon.

Remember, math counts.

Photo by albertogp123


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