Snowblower on a Stick

Photo by Rob LeeWe don’t get much snow here in coastal Virginia. That’s probably why the municipalities really don’t own enough plows and salters. But it also means that when it does snow, the city doesn’t do anything for any street that is considered “secondary”. Like residentials.

The climate also means that when it does snow, it melts, then freezes, turning the roads into ice.

So when it snows, we are effectively trapped in our houses because the roads are not drivable.

Last year was bad. We had two major snowstorms, one of which dumped almost a foot of snow. I dutifully went out and shoveled the walk and half of the driveway. And my body protested.

Did you know you can buy snowblowers on Amazon? I found that out after one shoveling spree, when I was heartily sick of it.

I decided I didn’t want to buy a big snowblower, particularly one with an engine that would need to be maintained. So I looked at the electic models.

And I found the perfect solution: the snowblower on a stick. It’s called “an electric snowshovel” but it is a blower on a stick.

I have a feeling we’re going to have a bad winter again this year, and my snowblower is waiting for me in the garage. I almost look forward to using it.

Photo by Rob Lee


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