Sitting In The Hallway

Photo by beltznerI’m a consultant. I’m a hired gun that goes into client sites and gives them an extra pair of highly-trained hands to help on projects. (That sounds better than saying I’m given out to whomever will pay for the work while my company takes a cut of that…what other profession does that remind you of?)

Some clients treat consultants as one of the staff. Others, like the one I am currently at, treat consultants like we have communicable diseases.

We recently moved from the first floor, where I shared a closet with two other consultants, to the fourth floor. I am now sitting in a hallway. Literally, with my back to the main traffic path between the stairway and the cubes. Everyone that comes by can see everything: my screens, what I have on my desk, what I am wearing. This in and of itself is not a problem, because I don’t do what I’m not supposed to, my desk is clean, and I adhere to a higher level of dress than the client dress code requires.

The problem is that I have movement behind my back all day, every day. I catch glimpses of people out of the corner of my eyes constantly, and it is distracting.

I begin to understand why they put blinkers on horses. This distraction is impacting my productivity in a huge way, since my concentration is shattered.

But I guess productivity really isn’t on their minds. After all, this is the same client who has taken a highly trained Microsoft-certified developer and handed her code in a database and language she knows nothing about…and all attempts to find someone to help have been met with “just figure it out.”


Photo by beltzner


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