The New Cat

IMG_1665When my Pogo passed away last June, I knew it would be a while before I would be able to consider another cat. I knew it was coming, though.

My husband broached the idea. Our daughter has never bonded with any of our animals, so maybe we could get a cat that was hers. I agreed.

We stopped in at the pet store one Saturday to pick up treats for the dog. And there in the adoption pens was a beautiful young tortie. She snuggled right into my daughter’s arms. I checked to make sure her claws fully retracted, and the next thing I knew, we had a new cat in the house.

Shadow Dancer is about 18 months old. She had a litter of kittens while in foster care (only two survived) and was spayed soon after that.

She is playful, curious, and likes to walk on the top of the railings on the second floor (with an open drop to the first floor).

Our 12-year-old cat hates her, and makes it known.

At first, Shadow would cower. Now she’s getting more comfortable. I saw her run up to the older cat this morning and whack her on the nose (claws in, of course).

I do hope that these cats start getting along soon. I think the 12-year-old needs companionship, and Shadow is a sweet and snuggly cat.

I’m glad she’s come to live with us.


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