Research and Writing

Photo by neil conwayOne of the things I really enjoyed about my recent visit to FaerieCon were the panels where artists and authors spoke. It couldn’t have come at a better time, given that I was in the throes of my ninth National Novel Writing Month.

The first panel was about research. I write fantasy fiction, but it never occurred to me that I needed to research and fact check about my mythological creatures. After all, they’re mythological, right?

One of the authors pointed out that if you get it wrong, Someone Will Let You Know.

I started to panic. I hadn’t researched any of this stuff. I started scribbling down her go-to sources on folklore.

And then another author, one who does children’s books, said something that made me feel a whole lot better. That if you’re writing and need to look something up, you make a note and keep writing. Get the draft done.

So that’s what I did. I have a lot of places I have to go back and re-work, but isn’t that what a first draft is for?

Photo by neil conway


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