Thankful List

In honor of Thanksgiving, I am going to do a Thankfulness list.

  • My husband and daughter
  • The furbeasts that share my life
  • My mom and stepdad
  • The 19 wonderful years I got with my cat Pogo
  • My friends
  • My church community
  • A nice house
  • Enough food
  • A well-paying job, close to home
  • My husband’s job, which allows him to work from home
  • Central heating
  • Water heaters
  • Air conditioning
  • Clean and safe water on demand
  • A comfortable, warm bed
  • Clothes to wear
  • Coffee
  • The internet
  • Technological advances, like those that let me video chat with my mom every week
  • Fluffy yarn
  • Trees
  • The ocean
  • Safety
  • Peacefulness
  • Joy
  • Automobiles
  • Books
  • Photographs and videos to capture memories
  • The beautiful fall weather
  • Chocolate
  • Orb weaver spiders
  • Owls
  • My woodland cats, now relocated to a safe home
  • Movies that make me laugh
  • The walking trails available to me
  • Good pens
  • Contentment
  • My Girl Scout troop
  • My shortcut software
  • Fluffy blankets and warm sun spots on the floor
  • Playing video games with my daughter
  • Lazy weekend mornings
  • Time off from work
  • Sunshine
  • Moonlight
  • Campfires
  • Trees
  • My teachers
  • Email
  • Garlic
  • Breath mints

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