Playing With The Choir

Photo by stevendepoloOne of the things about me that doesn’t stay hidden for long is my musical ability. We had not been back to our church for a week when someone in the choir ratted me out to the new musical director.

I hadn’t played on a regular basis for about 2 years, and I knew it would show. I was hoping to be given a grace period until the spring.

But no, the director had other ideas. He asked me to play a flute part along with a choir piece.

I had trepidations. Working with an amateur group usually means having to figure out where they are in the music, and compensate for it with my own part. But the director was persuasive, so I asked for both the flute part…and the score.

I practiced diligently for two weeks, and everything was in good shape. The only rehearsal I would have with them was right before the performance, so I worked it out in my head that I could get the whole score on two music stands.

It turns out I didn’t need it. The director had the choir so well rehearsed that there was no need for me to play from the score. I was able to play from my own part, which just had a few cues marked in. Even better, the director cued me at several crucial points instead of leaving me on my own to flounder and keep up.

It was a very different experience than what I have been used to. And it was a good experience.

I am looking forward, for the first time in a long time, to providing music at church.

Photo by stevendepolo


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