The TV Connection

Photo by angelrravelorWe don’t have cable. We don’t get TV over our FIOS. We don’t have satellite. We have a television with over-the-air reception.

(We cut cable after my daughter walked into a Girl Scout meeting and announced to a group of professional women – including a geologist, registered nurse, engineer and phlebotomist- that women could only be singers or actresses. D*mn Disney Channel)

During most of the year it isn’t a problem. During football season is when it is. My team isn’t shown often in this area of the country, so I have to go to some extraordinary measures to watch the game.

So here is what I connected a few weeks ago: my laptop was set to stream the game from Canada over a wired internet connection. Remote Desktop software was enabled. Down in the living room I had the iPad remotely connected to the PC. From the we had a video cable running into the television.

Don’t get me wrong. I would pay the NFL for access to watch the games over the Internet. But that isn’t available inside the U.S. I would have to cloak my Internet address and sign up for the service looking as if I came from another country, and I’m not willing to do that.

I think the NFL should have something where we can watch the games we want without having to go to a bar. There are many people I know who would gladly pay for the same. But until then, I will be hooking up the TV connection every football day.

Photo by angelrravelor


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