The Satisfaction of Finishing

Photo by Pedro TravassosI am very good at starting things.

I am not so good at finishing those things.

Rarely it is because I lose interest in the project. More often it is because something new and shiny distracts me and I start another project.

My word for 2014 has been “completion”. I chose that word because I was feeling the weight of all the unfinished projects.

I had dozens of unread books. Two sewing projects midway done. A knitting project that has been stalled for a year. Magazines piled up. E-courses to complete. Novels to finish and revise.

So far I have finished many of the books. One of the sewing projects is done. I have managed to get through the backlog of about half the magazines. I have started one of the ecourses. And I am re-plotting one of the novels to write during November.

And most importantly, I am actively limiting myself from taking anything else on.

If is very satisfying to finish things, and I am hoping the satisfaction of finishing will outweigh the lure of the new project.

Photo by Pedro Travassos


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