Back To School

Photo by newagecrapSeptember is when all the kids head back to school.

This year my daughter is being bussed to the other side of town while the school building her magnate program will occupy is built. Unfortunately, she will never go to school in the new building.

But she is in a newer building than she was last year…and it is a true middle school, with dedicated spaces for band, art and physical education. It is a nice facility, meant to house middle schoolers.

She was nervous this year. Last year’s experience with the math teacher who stopped teaching in February, and the consequent struggles, left their mark. But having met with all the teachers, I think she will do fine. I just have to help her for a few weeks with her organization and accuracy checks.

I’ve been kicking around the idea of getting my teaching certificate and going into the school system myself. The city is always saying they need more math and science teachers. I would probably end up in a high school somewhere, but that would be do-able.

So lots of changes revolving around school at this point.

Photo by newagecrap


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