Contemplating Change

Photo by liebeslakritzeIt’s been a summer of changes for me. Some deaths impacted me greatly, and the situation at my job, while within my tolerance levels had I not been dealing with everything else, became the straw that broke the camel’s back. So I asked for a change, and things went south from there. I was scolded, told I needed to develop a thicker skin, and I was required to start working more hours.

Leaving the specifics of the interaction with my employer behind me, I came out of that meeting with two sure things: I owe them nothing, and I am dependent on them for nothing. They don’t pay me benefits, and they get $40 for every hour I work, free and clear. I am pure profit to them, but I owe them nothing.

So that leaves me with a decision: different employer, or different work?

I used to think that I loved consulting. It has the benefits of lots of jobs, with the security of one. I routinely move between projects, so I get new things to work on and I don’t get bored. All that with the security of a steady paycheck, and not having to land the contracts myself.

However, the truth is that it is difficult to drop into a client, particularly when they have no on-boarding procedures or documentation. I am expected to pick up on a system just by glancing at it, and absorb the political and technical nuances without time to do so. And the truth is these projects are terrible – disorganized, poorly implemented, mired in red tape, and often unsupportable. But if they were easy, the client wouldn’t need a contractor to deal with them.

The truth is that what I do pays very well, and I am very good at it. The problem? I dislike it, and that dislike is growing every time I have to face another nasty client with tangled code.

I don’t know what the future will bring. I just know that there will be a change, and it is going to be coming soon.

Photo by liebeslakritze


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