Choosing To Serve

Photo by ~MersThere are many things that all of us do to serve one another. Whether it is a formal volunteer commitment to pitching in to help out a neighbor to going the extra mile on our job, they are all forms of service.

It is a choice to serve. We give gladly, or we should not give at all.

Many of us, though, have a hard time saying no when asked to serve.

The most powerful thing I ever heard was that if I cannot say, “Yes, I will do this with joy in my heart” that I should not attempt the task.

We’re getting to the fall, and that is usually the time I evaluate all of my commitments. So I am looking at all the things I do and deciding which ones to keep, and which ones to let go of.

Could you do the same? What would you let go of?

Photo by ~Mers


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