The Fun of Kitsch

20140630-224730-82050044We were driving through North Carolina, when my husband said, “remember, anywhere you want to stop, just say the word.” So I looked at him and said, “Great. I want to stop at South of the Border.”

The look he gave me was the look he would have worn if he had just swallowed a live frog.

South of the Border is right over the border from North Carolina to South Carolina. It is as tacky as they come, and the tacky advertisements start 100 miles in each direction. It is full of bright colors, concrete animals, and lots of kitsch.

My husband opted to stay with the dog while my daughter and I investigated one of the stores. After pausing in front of a terrible yellow horse, we went in side and played with the tacky hats. Then we looked at the glass iguanas, the tacky wall signs, the thousands of refrigerator magnets, and more. We bought a few fun things and got back on the highway.

I am not a big believer in souvenirs. But there is something essentially satisfying with tacky stuff, if just for the fun of the moment.


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