Comforts of Home

Photo by Steve SnodgrassWe just spent a week camping in Florida.

We camp in a pop-up trailer, which has lights, heat, AC, a fridge and cold running water. Definitely not a hardship.

I also added a coffee maker and a microwave to the list of modern conveniences.

I enjoyed the camping. Being surrounded by nature is better than being surrounded by concrete. Hearing the animals at night is better than hearing traffic. Eating outside is better with a dog than leaving her behind while we seek a restaurant.

I enjoyed being 15 feet from the beach in Fort Myers. I enjoyed the beauty of the Spanish moss dripping from the trees in Savannah. I enjoyed the beautiful landscaping and concrete pad (no leveling necessary) at the KOA in Mims. I wasn’t so wild about the huge iguanas all over the campsite in the Keys, but as long as they stayed on their side of the door, I was good with looking at them.

But still, there is nothing like coming home.

That first hot shower with a dry towel.

Waking up and not having everything be damp from the humidity.

Being able to have ice in a drink.

One of the best things about camping is it makes me appreciate the comforts of home.

Photo by Steve Snodgrass


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