End of School

Photo by mhester

And so it is upon us, the end of school. When this article is published, it will have come and gone, but as I write this we are still in the middle of difficulties.

It’s been a hard year for my daughter. She attends a magnate school, and this year saw her leap ahead of her standard school classmates. She took high school Latin I and pre-algebra – all in 6th grade.

It was good until March. The homework was piled on, but with the exception of English, she was keeping up. Then the math teacher stopped teaching.

We’re not sure how long it was going on, but the kids were given packets to do, and the teacher would sit. My daughter didn’t turn in a few assignments because she didn’t know how to do them. And then the math teacher emailed us about it, threatening all sorts of things she isn’t allowed to do.

I’ve been a hands-off parent, encouraging my daughter to advocate for herself.

But in the last month I have sent the guidance counselor an email, and talked to both the assistant principle and the guidance counselor, all about different issues.

When the math teacher refused to let my daughter go to her scheduled class, but instead made her sit through math again; and then called her “undisciplined”; and my daughter came home in tears….

…well, Mama Bear has her teeth out because her cub is being threatened.

All I know is that I want my daughter to have a relaxing summer. Every summer before I have picked out work for her to do to keep her engaged and learning. This year I think she has already been through enough.

So let’s hope that all goes well for the last two weeks of school, and that I don’t have to write a followup to this post.

Photo by mhester

Updated: it all went reasonably well, and things are done. Yay!


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