The View From Above

My latest client is in a tall building. This is unusual in this part of the world simply because we are at or below sea level, and water lurks below many surfaces. While not the tallest building in the state, it is still very tall.

I enjoy the view. When I first started, we were on the 17th floor, and from that vantage I could see the tallest building in the state. We moved to the 11th floor the next week, but our conference room looks over the water way.

I can see the dry docks where the ships are being repaired. Barges being pushed up the river. One morning showed a sub being hauled it by two tugs. I watch the ferry go across the river with its water wheel, and watch it make its regular stops to load and unload passengers.

We watch birds soar past our windows, and see the pigeons swoop and dip. There is a birds congregation place on the roof of the building across the street. We see birds flying in and out of the abandoned building on the corner.

We see the clouds rolling in from the ocean. I watch storms roll in from the west, across the river. Rain and fog isolate us from below.

I enjoy the view from above.


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