Moving Jobs

Photo by markhillaryI was in the contract for 18 months, coming straight out of my non-consulting job. I was supposed to leave at the end of April. But things changed, and I went in for a client interview and was told my start date was the next Monday.

I usually try to take a few days off between assignments to do the re-adjust. That’s not possible with this one. I will take the time off at the beginning of May, because that is what I planned.

It’s not to say that there aren’t positive changes – I will be working much closer to home. I will still be working with people I know, and have known for years. I will be away from the craziness of the IRS and taxpayers.

I’ve been a consultant most of my career. I leave jobs all the time. But somehow it never gets easier. Here are people I have spent day in and day out with for months…because I never have short-term assignments. And then I have to wrench up, and will probably never hear from or see them again.

Social media helps. But it is still hard.

So this weekend I go through an adjustment period. I try to let go of the past year. And imagine what the next year will bring.

Photo by markhillary


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