Photo by Ian DWalking is good for me. I like walking, and I am motivated by trying to top my previous levels. However, I really don’t like pedometers…they sit on the hip bone and have a tendency to go flying off in the bathroom. I also don’t remember to write stuff down.

Last fall, I found out about a device called the FitBit. More than a pedometer, it would track sleep habits as well.

I decided to treat myself, and to set some reasonable goals using it.

I really like this device. I clip it to my bra strap, and it stays put all day. At night, it slips into a wristband to track my sleeping.

It surprised me. Not only does it track steps, but also floors and activity level. Through my smart phone, I can also track food, water, and weight. It has made it very easy to track the basics of good health.

I also found out last night that it treats bike riding as steps…so I get credit for that activity as well.

It has been three weeks since I got the device, and I have pushed myself to walk more, drink more water and make better food choices. I think that is a win for me. Sure, I could do those things without it, but I won’t. So the device actually keeps me on track because I don’t have to mess with it.

I like technology.

Photo by Ian D


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