What Do I have To Show For My Time?

Photo by josemanuelerreIt hit me the other day that when I am “recreating” I am actually throwing away time. For a while I was spending at least 60 minutes a day playing Candy Crush and like games. Sure, it’s fun, but do I really want to spend 7 hours a week playing a frustrating and addictive video game?

I went on a reading spree, and unfortunately, not anything I am particularly proud of reading. “Brain candy” is probably the best thing that could be said about it. Do I really want to spend 15 hours a month reading this trash?

It made me reconsider what I spend my time on. What are the best uses of my time? I could be learning a new music piece. I could be improving my skills. I could be writing the book. I could be knitting.

I’ve made a vow to look at how I am spending my time and re-framing what I do. Since I enjoy reading fiction so much, I give myself leave to read…on the treadmill. At least then I am strengthening my body even if I am rotting my brain. I enjoy Candy Crush, but I limit myself to 5 lives or one level completed (whichever comes first) right before bed. The goal is not to always be productive, but at least make it so I don’t get totally sucked in, or so that I have something to show for the time.

What do you think?

Photo by josemanuelerre


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