April Fool’s Pranks

Photo by Dave HamsterI love April Fool’s Day. I have done my share of pranks, and had pranks played on me.

My mother is also a prankster. She has been known to bring a taxidermied skunk on Girl Scout camping trips, and drop ice cubes with flies in them into drins.

The worst prank ever played on me was when I was a pre-teen…I pulled back the covers of my bed and there was a baby rattlesnake on my pillow. Once I had swooned and regained myself, I realized it was fake. Thanks, Mom.

I have also played my share of pranks.

Such as leaving paper messages for the ladies I was working for, saying that Ed McMahon called and needed them to call back at a (fake) 800 number.

Such as taping down the phone switch and then calling the person.

Such as taking advantage of a bug in Windows that allowed you to switch the keyboard layout while the machine was locked. (No, they patched it, you can’t do this anymore)

Such as replacing the computer desktop with a picture of the computer desktop and hiding all the icons.

There is a lot of scope for pranking in technology.

I have even pranked on my blogs, once enlisting an international best-selling author to lend his name to it.

This year, I decided to play it low key. I haven’t come up with anything good. Yet. But the day is young.

Photo by Dave Hamster


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