Saturday School

Photo by Lee CannonWe’ve had an unprecendented amount of snow this year. And since our city is what is termed a “city-county” (lots of land mass), schools get cancelled if the rural areas of the city are impassable.

This year school has been cancelled 5 times.

And thanks to the state rules of 180 hours of instruction time per credit, that means we have to make up the days.

Our school year already goes late into June, and we were afraid that they would take away spring break.

They didn’t. Instead, the administration has decided the kids will go to school on three Saturdays, one each in February, March and April.

The first Saturday school, in mid-February, was eerie. The kids went off to school, just like they would on a weekday. I returned to a quiet house and the realization that I didn’t have to go to work. The buses came through the neighborhood, just as they would during a weekday, and the parents were out in the yards, working.

My daughter fussed a bit about school on a Saturday, but my husband pointed out to her that she had already had the time off.

All in all, it went pretty well. Strange, but well.

Photo by Lee Cannon


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