Trenary Toast and Pasties

Photo by Hammer51012Some foods speak of where we are from. And although I am not from the UP (Upper Penisula of Michigan, which is that chunk of land due north of Wisconsin), my mother is. I spent a chunk of just about every summer there visiting with her family.

Two of the things I miss most about the UP are the pasties and Trenary Toast.

Pasties came originally from Cornwall, and are a meal in a pocket. In the UP they contain beef, pork, onion, potato and rutabaga. Self-contained, they are the perfect meal to take into the mines, which explains both their popularity in Cornwall and the UP.

My own attempts to make pasties have failed, and since my family does not care for them, I haven’t bothered in the last 15 years or so. Yet I still adore them and crave them.

DC has a pasty shop, and I will be checking it out, but from their menu they serve the Cornish variety, as well as “gourmet” versions. Not quite the same thing.

Trenary Toast is associated with my step-great-grandfather. Pieces of rock-hard bread coated in cinnamon and sugar, they are best softened by dipping in coffee. I have memories of sitting on H’s lap, as he allowed me to dip my toast into his coffee.

To this day, any cinnamon pastry reminds me of H.

Neither of these foods is readily available where I live, but I see there are mail order places. The pasty shop that we stopped at during our trip to Wisconsin last year does mail order. And they include Trenary toast. I might just have to do this to bring the past back to me, food-wise.

Photo by Hammer51012


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