Winter Memories

Photo by Lee J HaywoodAs a child, one of the things I loved doing in winter was sledding and sliding on the snow. We didn’t have many big hills, but there was a small one at the back of our garage, and I spent many hours sliding down. I created handholds in the frozen crust to grab so that I could spin myself down the slope. I remember being out there with no human sounds around me other than my own breath, watching the blue sky.

If the snowbanks on the side of the driveway were high enough, we could sled down those and into the yards. Or if the parents weren’t watching, sled down into the driveway. Of course this brought trouble if we were caught, because we would be pulling snow down onto the shoveled areas.

It was a treat when we were taken over to the municipal golf course (“Munie”) and allowed to sled there. The hills were really hills, and there were other people to sled with. The magic carpet sleds were the best, because they got the most speed, but were hardest on the posterior when racing over the icy bumps.

I also remember that just about every winter the city would flood a section of most parks, creating a skating rink. There were no zambonis cleaning the ice, and you could see the matted grass underneath. There was no danger of falling through the ice, and you often had to bring a shovel to clear the snow, but it was good skating all the same.

My daughter doesn’t have these luxuries. It rarely snows here, and when it does, it doesn’t stick around. The last time we got any noticeable amount of snow, she took a boogie board down to the ramp by the river and “sledded” down that gentle slope. To go ice skating, we have to go to the local rink.

There are days when I wish for an afternoon in the snow, sledding as I used to. I guess that is what skiing is for. 🙂

Photo by Lee J Haywood


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